PR Disclaimer


If you’re looking for a beauty lover who will provide an honest consumer based review then you’re in the right place! I’m someone who is always more than willing to try new brands, new makeup products, new launches.

For all PR enquiries please contact me either via my various social media pages locate in the header, footer and side bar of my website, mycontact page or by emailing:

For anyone who loves make up, what better than receiving free makeup and beauty products to test and review? I personally couldn’t think of anything better!

PR can sometimes seem a slightly taboo subject amongst influencers, particularly in the makeup world! With so many features surrounding ads and sponsorships, it’s no wonder brands are seemingly becoming more and more selective with who they send PR packages to.

I’ve personally received a few free bits over the last three to four years since I’ve really started pushing my Instagram and other social media profiles but it’s a tough market to break!

Luckily, I don’t let that stop or demotivate me as I’m always estatic to spend my hard earned wages each month on new beauty treats! My makeup collection has grown drastically over the last two years, the sheer size and volume astonishes even me sometimes! 

All products I post and review have been purchased using my own money unless explicitly stated otherwise. All photographs have also all been taken by me unless stated otherwise. Any photos featured in my Wishlist posts will be linked to their origin in the caption.

Receiving PR from companies is always such a reward and acknowledgement for all the hard work that goes into beauty blogging. Large companies sending you free makeup is fantastic when you’re using your products to swatch, review and for others, but also the element of trust from those brands feels amazing!




“If you’re looking for new UK based beauty bloggers to add to your PR list I’d be honoured to be considered, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch! Shan xox



Companies I’ve worked with

Pixi by Petra

Pixi have been SO generous over the last couple of years I really can’t thank them enough! Coming home to that beautiful green box always puts a positive spin on even one of the worst days! I’ve been lucky enough to be added to their PR list so you’ll see a number of reviews on my blog featuring the products I’ve been gifted!

Charlotte Tilbury
Yes, I know Charlotte Tilbury! I cannot thank Charlotte’s PR team enough as they have been kind enough to send me a few bits on a couple of occasions!

Iconic London
Iconic London reached out to me on Instagram, complimented my feed and offered to send me some products to swatch and review! I am SO grateful and can’t quite believe it!

Other companies that have reached out and kindly sent me products to review include  Spectrum Collections, Pop BeautyDoll Beauty Technic Cosmetics Beauty Chamber and Unicorn Cosmetics